Savannah Dexter: Her Rough Upbringing and More (2024)

Savannah Dexter is a hip-hop and rap singer, composer, and musician on the rise. Sinderella, I Remember Everything, Raise Hell, and Can’t Ever Could are among her hits.

Another prominent song of hers is Big Trucks, which features well-known singers such as Demun Jones, Dusty Leigh, and Adam Calhoun. Her bouncy tempos and engaging lyrics are famous with fans for providing them with summertime field party bangers.

Savannah has done a few concerts in her home state of Florida after the enormous popularity of her music releases, with the majority of her videos trending on YouTube.

Savannah Dexter, despite her youth, is a rising vocalist, a Southern Belle, and a strong woman at heart. Learn about her upcoming musical releases, as well as her whole bio, which includes her difficult upbringing, some tragic truths about her relationship, and more.

Savannah Dexter’s Parents Never Married: Her Birth Date and Early Life

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  • 1 Savannah Dexter’s Parents Never Married: Her Birth Date and Early Life
  • 2 Savannah Dexter had a difficult childhood as a result of her father’s new wife.
  • 3 What Motivated Savannah Dexter to Study Music?
  • 4 She began playing the violin when she was 13 years old.
  • 5 Why Did Savannah Dexter Change Her Music From Country To Hip Hop?
  • 6 Savannah’s So Far Musical Career
  • 7 Savannah Dexter’s Husband Owns A Music Company
  • 8 Her husband is also an artist and the owner of a music firm.
  • 9 Savannah Dexter previously married her high school boyfriend.

Dexter was born in Florida on July 10, 1996. She later relocated to Missouri and stayed there for a few years before returning to Florida. Savannah’s parents were still in their adolescence when she was born.

Her parents never married. They were together for Savannah’s first year of life before splitting up.

The hip-hop musician spent most of her childhood with her maternal grandparents, with her mother coming and going. It was probably because she was going to school and working at night.

Her father, on the other hand, entered into another relationship soon after her mother left him. Her stepmother was also her preschool teacher. Savannah, now 26, has two half-sisters from her father’s former relationship.

Her younger half-sister suffers from autism. The Big Trucks vocalist did not begin living with her father until she was ten years old. From the age of ten to fourteen, the five-foot-seven-inch-tall artist lived with her father and his new family.

Dexter received her schooling at University High School in Orange City, Florida, where she played volleyball and cheered.

Savannah Dexter had a difficult childhood as a result of her father’s new wife.

The Deltona native previously admitted that her father had forgotten about her once he had another family. Prior to beginning a new relationship, he reportedly fought for her custody. She went on to say that the time she spent with him and his then-new wife was the hardest part of her upbringing.

Her stepmother, who was originally cordial to her, gradually began to turn a cold shoulder towards her, according to the Floridan on Chad Armes TV.

She was evidently never okay with Savannah and her father dating. Dexter also revealed that her stepmother’s treatment of her deteriorated over time.

Savannah previously stated that her stepmother was angry and unpleasant to her at times. She admits to her father’s second wife that she is constantly attempting to make her life miserable. She claims that life with her father and his wife was a nightmare.

Dexter acknowledges that her father’s marriage to his new wife was never healthy. But everything changed when she told her maternal grandparents about how her stepmother was treating her. They then forbade her from going to her father’s house.

Savannah admits she didn’t see her father until the end of her sophom*ore year after leaving him to stay with her grandparents. The father and daughter finally meet during the latter’s graduation.

Concerning her stepmother, the Swamp singer stated that she is open to forgiveness if she asks for it in July 2021. The country music fan thinks that the negative dynamic she had with her stepmother permeated every relationship she has ever had.

Because of that encounter, she believes she became a huge people-pleaser. She claims that her high school years were also unpleasant as a result of this. Dexter claims she no longer uses her past traumas as an excuse, but rather that she has outgrown the trauma.

Savannah stated that she, too, had been a victim of sexual abuse. She has not, however, identified her abuser.

What Motivated Savannah Dexter to Study Music?

When ChadArmesTV asked what kind of music motivated Dexter to become a singer, she said,

My father sparked my passion in country music. I used to listen to them as they drove about in his pickup.

She noted that her mother also introduced her to some of the biggest artists in music, including Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, The Backstreet Boys, and The N Sync. The brunette singer believes she grew up in a very musical family.

Dexter also mentions Christina Aguilera, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Carrie Underwood as major musical influences.

Savannah also mentioned that she became interested in old country music, such as Whalen and the Willies and the Johnnies, shortly after her first marriage.

She began playing the violin when she was 13 years old.

Savannah attempted to play the guitar for the first time at the age of 13 but gave up before returning to the instrument at the age of 18.

She claims she taught herself 15 songs the first night she picked up a guitar for the second time in her life. Following that, she began to write her own songs.

Why Did Savannah Dexter Change Her Music From Country To Hip Hop?

Dexter claimed in an interview that she quit or stopped listening to country music because of her horrible past.

She claims that after such lulls, she moved on to more hip hop and rap genres. The change appears to have greatly aided her in coping with her pain and aggression. She, on the other hand, claims to be a rural girl at heart.

Savannah’s So Far Musical Career

Dexter is currently signed with the Mako Music Group, the founder of which is her boyfriend-turned-husband, Brabo Gator. In fact, he was instrumental in Savannah’s early musical career.

Savannah progressively began releasing songs and music videos under Brabo’s tutelage, and her debut album Savages was published in February 2021. The collection included 15 tracks. Then there were two more: Genesis and Loner.

While she was raised in the country, her music now primarily consists of rap and hip-hop. Savannah has released five of her eight songs in collaboration with other musicians.

Adam Calhoun, Demun Jones, Brabo Gator, Dusty Leigh, and Jelly Roll are among them. Her most recent track, Love Like This, features her companion Brabo Gator.

Savannah Dexter’s Husband Owns A Music Company

Savannah, the Curtains vocalist, is currently married to Brabo Gator. On December 17, 2022, the couple exchanged vows at The Don CeSar, a hotel in St Beach, Florida.

She donned a gorgeous white gown to her wedding, while her spouse wore a black suit. The wedding event was a small ceremony, with many of their friends and relatives present.

Her husband is also an artist and the owner of a music firm.

Brabo, Dexter’s wife, is a country rap veteran, having worked with artists such as Jelly Roll, Alexander King, and Struggle Jennings. He also appears to be well-versed in the independent music industry.

Dexter was evidently undecided about making her relationship with Gator public. She stated that she did so because she was terrified of the public’s reaction.

Savannah said there was chemistry between her and Gator from the start. The Southern singer once admitted to Brabo that she had left everything out in the open.

“He’s always been my closest companion. I’ve always discussed everything with him. “I felt like I owed that to him,” the Gottem Talking singer told Chad Armes TV. However, the couple has yet to marry. Savannah now lives in Central Florida, Orlando, with her partner, where she also has a studio.

Savannah Dexter previously married her high school boyfriend.

Dexter claims she has had a lover since she was 14 years old, with whom she later married. She, on the other hand, confessed in an interview that she married him for a variety of reasons.

In the same interview, the Gator’s girlfriend stated that she married him to get away from her troubled family. It later turned out to be an unhealthy relationship, and the two allegedly and eventually parted ways.

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